St Mary & St John Bosco

the Parish of St Mary and St John Bosco, Leicester.

Youth at St Mary & St John Bosco

If you are a young person then there is lots happening at St Mary and St John Bosco Parish for you.

We have an active Parish Youth Club which meets every Tuesday evening during term time. Club members have the opportunity to get involved in lots of different activities both in the Hall and outside. On a Tuesday evening in the Hall they have pool, hockey, dance mats, craft activities, games, trampolining, air hockey and much more. The Club also organises adventure activities, trips, visits and residential weekends. If you are in school year 6 or above then you would be very welcome at St Mary's and St John Bosco Youth Club. To find out more click on the Youth Club link below.

At our Sunday Masses, both at St Mary's and St John Bosco we have our Children's Liturgy. Young Children of primary school age have the opportunity to spend some of the time during the Mass celebrating their own liturgy which is set at a level which they can understand.  Families with young children are encouraged to come along to our Sunday morning Masses so that children can experience their own special and meaningful liturgy. To find out more about Children's Liturgy at St Mary's and St John Bosco click on the link below.

If you are aged 13 and over you have the opportunity to be involved with our Youth Liturgy Group which meets to discuss topics and issues which are relevant to young people and their faith. The Groups is also involved in planning Youth Masses and Youth Liturgy for our Parishes. To find out how you can be involved click on the Youth Liturgy Group link below.

Our Parish Uniformed Groups are all about action and involvement. Their activities include badge work, exploring, craft activities, go-for-its, visits, trips, camps and residentials. If you are a young person and you want to be part of the fun of Scouting or Guiding the best way to find out more is to come along and find out for yourself. For more information on our Uniformed Groups at St Mary's and St John Bosco click on the links below.


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Young peoples groups at St Mary & St John Bosco

To find out more about activities for young people at St Mary's and St John Bosco follow the links below.

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