St Mary's & St John Bosco

the Parish of St Mary and St John Bosco, Leicester.

St Mary's & St John Bosco Parish - Weekly Offering update

Many of you have been asking how you can continue your weekly giving to the church while we are not coming together each weekend. Thank you to those who have been in touch regarding Parish Finances during this time regarding their weekly contributions. Your concern and generosity are very much appreciated. We also realise that the current emergency is affecting many people’s income and they may not be able to continue their level of offerings. If this is the case, we fully understand. 
The Diocese has currently advised that for those who give cash, please continue to put it aside and we will gratefully receive them, along with your Easter Offering, when normal Mass celebrations resume. Please do not put envelopes through the Presbytery letterbox as we have no means of banking at this time. This advice is constantly being reviewed and we will update you on any changes as soon as we are aware.

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