St Mary & St John Bosco

the Parish of St Mary and St John Bosco, Leicester.

Arranging a funeral at St Mary and St John Bosco

When you come to arrange a funeral, you may have had recent contact with the Parish Priest at St Mary and St John Bosco in connection with the sickness of your loved one or it may be a long time since you or the deceased had any contact with the Church.

Either way you can be assured that our Parish Priest and the community of St Mary and St John Bosco will welcome you and do all they can to help you with the funeral arrangements.

Firstly you will need to contact an undertaker and you can find a list of local undertakers online or in Yellow Pages.

Your undertaker will co-ordinate the availability of the Priest, the Church and the cemetery or crematorium.

There is no longer any prohibition on Catholics being cremated and assuming that a decision has already been made between cremation and burial, the main choice you will need to make is whether to have a funeral service or a funeral Mass at the Church before the buirial or cremation.

If in  doubt, talk to the Parish Priest about this and come and see him anyway or ask him to come and visit you at home to discuss the details of the service.

The undertaker should be aware (but may need reminding!) that no firm arrangements should be made for the funeral until they have spoken to the Parish Priest as he may have other arrangements which he cannot change or the Church may already be booked for something else.

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