St Mary's & St John Bosco

the Parish of St Mary and St John Bosco, Leicester.

How do I become a Catholic?

When someone wants to become a Catholic, the normal procedure is to make an appointment to see your local Catholic priest. When you see him, he will make you welcome and invite you to talk about your wish to become a Catholic.

What happens next depends on circumstances and on your faith background. At St Mary’s and St John Bosco we have a small group of Catholics and “enquirers” meeting together regularly to explore what being a Catholic means. At the end of this process, known as RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) those who wish and are ready are welcomed into the Catholic Church.

You are welcome to begin attending Mass at St Marys or St John Bosco Church or any other Catholic Church whenever you wish, though you would not be able to receive Holy Communion until you are fully received into the Church.

If you are interested in joining our next RCIA programme please contact the Parish Office for more information.


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If you’re already a Catholic you may be interested in exploring how to share and proclaim your faith.

Evangelisation needn’t mean bible-bashing or yelling from the soap box! It’s far more wide encompassing: publicly wearing a crucifix or religious symbol, praying the rosary silently on the bus, offering a neighbour a listening ear or to pray for someone, volunteering to help a charity.

For more information click on the links below. - See our dedicated website which is designed to help enthuse, engage and equip Catholics for the task of evangelisation. - Life4seekers is for those people who want to improve their life and find a new sense of fulfilment, a fresh energy and joy of living. If you are searching for happiness, a sense of purpose and new direction in life, life4seekers is the right site to explore. - Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) for those who would like to join the Catholic Church.